Computer Software

FixWin for Windows 10

Here is a little list of some PC Software you might find useful.

You will have to hunt down the software yourself if you intent on trying/using it, you download and use at your own risk. Google is a good way to find the software.

Some handy software for repairing Windows problems, - Windows Repair Free/Pro, FixWin for Windows 10.

Web browser - 'Mozilla Firefox' (Free, customizable/skinable, many add-ons; Adblock and UBlock are highly recommended).

Music Player - 'AIMP' (Free, customizable/skinable, great sound).

System Cleaning tool - 'CCleaner'.

Office package - 'Microsoft Office', 'OpenOffice'.

Anit-Virus/Anti-Spyware - 'Windows Defender', 'Avast', 'MalwareBytes', 'ADWCleaner' (Very useful for a badly infect computer).

Archive tool - '7Zip'

Notepad - 'Notepad++' for those who want more from plain old notepad?.

Image tools - 'Light Image Resizer' (quick and easy to resize and keep the quality of an image).

Gaming - 'Steam' (Not only an online store but a community). 'Xpadder' is useful for the customizing of gamepads/programming keys for custom options.

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