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Welcome to BugVille, on this site are pictures from rallies attended and various shows attended, Bond Bug Spares Scheme are also linked into this site, please feel free to browse around, any problems just drop a line, my email is on the contact page..

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My photography page is now live!

I've uploaded a few random pdf's, Bug and Reliant related. Downloads

I'm still going through many pictures and slowly sorting through them into the appropriate pages. I've now added the wording "(new)" to any recently updated/added photo albums.


Pictures, to see them click here or the rally archive button at the top!

Latest updated/added albums can now be found looking for "(new)"

Bug AGM 2007 updated.
Loxwood Rally 2006, Hastings Oval Vehicle Show 2006,
Hastings Show 2019 and International Microcar Rally 2019 added.

Last updated/added - 20/04/20

!!!Some picture albums are heavily populated, MOBILE DATA USERS ~50mb for some albums!!!

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You can contact me through email rattlelizard@hotmail.com